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The first page of search engine results usually contain not more than 10-15 sites. In addition, each owner strives to be here. Using only the "white" promotion methods, the company's specialists have many years of output in the top sites on various subjects, permanently securing for them the best places for issuing long term.

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Initially, it seems that the "black" CEO - is a versatile option that allows you as soon as possible to increase the traffic of your site and simultaneously increase its position in Google and Yandex systems. But this is - for the time being. The fact that the algorithms by which optimizes the promotion of sites in Ukraine and the CIS , with each passing day more complicated, so the work of scammers and dishonest SEOs will sooner or later revealed. Than it threatens? Your site, in the best case, will be in the depths of issue (will pessimizirovan), and in the worst case - all come under the search engines filter.
White SEO, in turn, is a process rather slow. The fact is that under the fair conduct of promotion provided a large number of procedures to ensure that the different sides of your life. Here code completion, enhancing the usability of resources, optimization of content, writing texts with the introduction of the key requests, etc. This means the final quality optimization-friendliness of the site and its maximum naturalness - not even the robot and the user name should be easy to share your company.
Today, search engines and industrial companies are working on the compilation of technologies to keep track of "black" methods of promotion. Therefore, it is possible that such a CEO already izzhivёt itself in the coming years. But at the same time, if you make the decision today to promote your site, choose a professional team. Optimization proposed by them, will make your site the best not just for search engines, but above all, for web users.